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Switzerland is planning an ambitious energy transition with far-reaching social, technological and economic consequences. As a result of this transition, industry leaders are faced with significant challenges to redesign their infrastructure, strategically reposition vis-à-vis new market entrants, realize political goals and adapt their business models to disruptive innovations.

In this program you will develop a thorough understanding of governing the social and technical dimensions of the energy transition, as well as the competencies required to apply this knowledge at the local level. Join us in four interactive modules with an international group of industry experts, government officials and academics from domains such as energy, transportation and ICT. Expert input from our industry partners ensures the relevance and local applicability of the lessons learned throughout the modules. While our government and regulatory partners provide invaluable insights regarding the future of network and market regulation.

«The energy transition can only succeed as a collective effort of all involved stakeholders. Our Executive Training facilitates this process.»


Prof. Dr. Matthias Finger
Chair Management of Network Industries
Director Institute of Technology & Public Policy
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

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