Module 1: Specificities of the Swiss energy transition

17-18 January, 2019
Eniwa, Aarau, Switzerland


  • Energy Strategy 2050. Dr. Frank Rutschmann, Head of Renewable Energy Section, Swiss Federal Office of Energy.
  • What is a transition? Prof. Benjamin Sovacool, University of Sussex.
  • The entrepreneurial and political landscape for a successful energy transition. Ronny Kaufmann, CEO, Swisspower.
  • Welcome to ENIWA. Hans-Kaspar Scherrer, CEO, ENIWA AG.
  • Hydrogen in Switzerland? Rolf Huber, CEO, H2Energy.
  • Gas to bridge the gap? Esther Hardi, Strategist and Senior Innovation Manager, Alliander.
  • Technological implications of integrating high shares of renewables. Dr. Fabrizio Sossan, EPFL.
  • Round table discussion on the potential of renewable energy in Switzerland
  • Energy models as tools for the transition. Paul van Baal, PhD Students, EPFL.
Module 2: Urban energy transition management and business opportunities

4-5 April, 2019
Groupe E, Freiburg, Switzerland


Module 3: Cross-sectoral and multi-level governance

13-14 June, 2019
EWB, Bern, Switzerland


Module 4: Future market design, network regulation and policy changes

19-20 September, 2019
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

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