Module 1: Managing the nuclear phase-out and high shares of renewables

23-24 February, 2017
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


  • Energy Strategy 2050. Dr. Anne-Kathrin Faust, Market Regulation Specialist at Swiss Federal Office of Energy.
  • Aligning our understanding of the Swiss energy transition. Prof. Matthias Finger, EPFL & Reinier Verhoog, EPFL.
  • Technological implications of integrating high shares of renewables. Prof. Mario Paolone, EPFL.
  • Optimization and future energy scenarios. Ramachandran Kannan, Senior Scientist at Paul Scherrer Institut.
  • The political landscape for a successful energy transition. Ronny Kaufmann, CEO at Swisspower.
  • Investment decision-making under uncertainty. Prof. Gert Brunekreeft, Jacobs University Bremen.
  • Breaking established business models. Jonas Böhm, Research Assistant at University of St. Gallen.
Module 2: Urban energy transition management

8-9 May, 2017
IWB, Basel, Switzerland


  • Introduction to the complexity of cities. Prof. Matthias Finger, EPFL & Reinier Verhoog, EPFL.
  • Energy Strategy 2050 from an urban perspective. Panelists:
    • Urs Meister, Head of Regulatory Management at BKW
    • Dr. Anne-Kathrin Faust, Market Regulation Specialist at SFOE
    • Prof. Martin Patel, University of Geneva
    • Ronny Kaufmann, CEO at Swisspower
  • Local energy efficiency and sufficiency. Nils Borg, Executive Director at ECEEE.
  • Demand-side management. Anne-Sophie Chamoy, Head of Strategy, Legal and Public Affairs at Energy Pool.
  • Cleantech at the urban level. Nick Beglinger, Co-Founder and CEO at Cleantech21.
  • The opportunities of Public Private Partnerships in city level transitions. Prof. Joaquim José Miranda Sarmento, ISEG, Portugal.
  • Smart Regio Basel. Dr. David Thiel, CEO at IWB.
Module 3: Business opportunities and network convergence

29-30 June, 2017
SIG, Genève, Switzerland


  • Utility companies as enablers of network convergence. Marcel Ruegg, Advisor to the CEO at SIG.
  • Smart data management. Jérôme Berthier, Head of BI & Big Data at ELCA.
  • Strategic implications of blockchain. Alexandre Stachtchenko, Co-founder at Blockchain Partner, France.
  • Network convergence: energy, transport and ICT. Prof. Matthias Finger, EPFL.
  • Business model innovation for energy storage. Jos Blom, Innovation and Strategy Consultant at Alliander, the Netherlands.
  • The role of gas: power-to-gas. Dr. David Parra, University of Geneva.
Module 4: Future market design, network regulation and policy changes

21-22 September, 2017
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


  • De- and re-regulation of network industries. Prof. Matthias Finger, EPFL.
  • Market liberalization and new entrants.
  • Legal perspective on market design and regulation. Dr. Brigitta Kratz, Vice-President at Elcom.
  • Political goals and long-term market developments. Benoît Revaz, Director at Federal Office of Energy.
  • Regulating market trading. Volker Lischke, Head of Trading at BKW; Cornelia Kawann, Head of Market Surveillance at ElCom; Chantal Cavazzana, ElCom.
  • Round-table discussion: next steps in the Swiss Energy Transition. Panelists:
    • Benoît Revaz, Director at Federal Office of Energy
    • Ronny Kaufmann, CEO at Swisspower
    • Stefan Muster, Member of the board & Chief Economist at VSE
    • Frédéric Gastaldo, CEO Swisscom Energy Solutions AG

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